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Approved Supervisors

Anna University – Research Centre Recognition The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering has been recognized as a Research centre by Anna University vide Letter No. 1419/IR/EEE/AR2 dt 14.09.2022. This facilitates to interact with Anna University in collaborative research for the purpose of pursuing Ph.D. / M.S. (By Research) programmes. This recognition is renewed once… Continue reading Approved Supervisors

Research Equipment

1. Wind solar hybrid system with micro wind energy generator 2. Solar PV training system 3. Solar PV Emulator 4. Fuel cell Energy Trainer System 5. Microcontroller based speed control of chopper fed DC motor 6. Microcontroller based speed control of V & I fed Induction motor 7. DSP based system speed control of BLDC… Continue reading Research Equipment

Research Facilities

The Research laboratory is developed with the aim of enhancing the research capabilities for power engineers in the department. It supports undergraduate, postgraduate and research scholars to enhance rapid technology transfer in various domains in the field of power systems and power electronics and drives. The research facilities include Grid connected solar PV system, 1kW… Continue reading Research Facilities


The Department of EEE has taken various research initiatives over the years to mobilize the available knowledge resources for research and also, to come up strongly with innovative solutions. The R & D cell functions in a cooperative manner to identify and initiate cross-disciplinary research projects, create and combine patentable Intellectual Property components, design and… Continue reading About