Center of Excellence

Machines Lab – Funding received AICTE MODROBS

The main aim of this lab is to provide a deep exposition of the working of electromechanical devices, with specific emphasis on the working of rotating electrical machines and transformers. It is also used for research and development work by various branches under electrical category. Major equipments in this lab are

  • DC Shunt motor
  • DC Series motor
  • DC Compound motor
  • DC Shunt generator
  • DC Series generator
  • DC Series compound generator
  • Single phase Squirrel cage induction motor
  • Three phase Squirrel cage induction motor
  • Single phase transformers
  • Three phase transformers
  • Slip ring Induction motor
  • Alternator
  • Synchronous motor

Control System Lab – Funding received AICTE MODROBS

Control system is a major engineering discipline that is extended to various fields like medicine, biology, sociology etc due to the universality of the principle of control system. Realizing the need, the department has provided a lab for the control system. Major equipments in this lab:

  • AC servo motor
  • Synchros
  • DC and AC position control kits
  • Stepper motors
  • DC servo motors
  • DC motors

Renewable Energy Lab – Funding received AICTE MODROBS

  • Solar energy power system
  • Hybrid(solar –wind) power system
  • Fuel energy system
  • PV Emulator
  • PV panels – 100W, 24V
  • 30 MHz CRO