The Department


The laboratory infrastructure of the department is excellent with state of art equipments and software related to the field of Engineering. The extensive facilities available in the laboratories can be utilized for research work, in addition to the lab courses as per the affiliating university requirement for UG and PG.

The department has spacious classrooms, air-conditioned seminar hall, and a well-equipped laboratory. The department has a dedicated fully air-conditioned computer lab with 45 systems and 10 systems in Control Systems, all in a networked environment with un- interrupted power supply. These systems have the recent and most updated Software.

The role of a library is critical in making a knowledge society. So the department functions with a library with a collection of standard books for the faculty and students to refer and enhance their knowledge. The department Library collection also includes DVDs in various subjects as per the academic syllabus.

Room DescriptionUsageArea / Capacity (sq.m)
F3101EEE II Yr SEC-A84 Sq.m
F3102EEE II Yr SEC-B84 Sq.m
F3103EEE III Yr SEC- A84 Sq.m
F3105EEE III Yr SEC- B84 Sq.m
F3106EEE III Yr SEC- C84 Sq.m
E5106EEE IV Yr SEC- A84 Sq.m
E5107EEE IV Yr SEC-B84 Sq.m
E5108EEE IV Yr SEC- C84 Sq.m
E3507 & E3508Seminar Room for II,III & IV year EEE167 Sq.m
F3501Gents Faculty room84 Sq.m
F3502Ladies Faculty room-I84 Sq.m
F4501Ladies Faculty room-II84 Sq.m
F3104Project Room84 Sq.m
F3503HOD room for discussion/counseling84 Sq.m
F3504Department Library84 Sq.m