Sairam ENSAV Club organized Energy Conservation Day on 14.12.2023 @ Nallur Govt. High School.

“As participants are passionate about sustainability and eco-friendly initiatives, participating in ENERGY CONSERVATION Day school event was an enlightening and engaging experience for all of us.” The event provided a real time experience that was both informative and motivating.

Students overwhelmingly praised Energy Conservation Day, expressing heightened awareness and appreciation for sustainable practices. Many highlighted the impact of educational programs, noting increased understanding of energy-saving techniques and their environmental significance. The hands-on activities and workshops were particularly well-received, providing practical insights into energy efficiency that resonated with the students.

A common thread in the feedback was the sense of empowerment gained from the event. Students felt inspired to adopt energy-saving habits in their daily lives, influencing not only their personal behaviours but also sparking conversations within their peer circles and families. The interactive nature of the event fostered a dynamic learning environment, making complex concepts accessible and engaging.